FROM Ms Faith Titi Attah
(too old to reply)
unitedstatesAmexcard officeTogoLome
2014-10-16 20:20:15 UTC
FROM Ms Faith Titi Attah
Dearest one
I wish you and your family happy moments of life
now and forever more amen.Please, I do not have formal relationship
with you but because of my present predicament and

circumstances I am made to contact you.I have been suffering from
cancer of the Lungs and has a short life to leave.I have

made up my mind to donate my inheritance of 21.5 million US to the
less privileged please help me to fulfill my last

wish.please CONTACT ME TO MY EMAIL ***@cantv.net
Thanks CONTACT ME TO MY EMAIL ***@cantv.net
Ms Faith Titi Attah
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